Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Iconoclasta #10... para Psiconautas Lisérgicos

                       Alex Gehring (Ringo Deathstarr)

Esta noche tuvimos como invitado especial al “Roma“ quién nos trajo una selección para derretirse de psych underground directamente del Austin Psych Fest 2012

“Hashashin“ /Lumerians/Transmalinnia/Partisan Records

“Corona“/The Blue Angel Lounge/Narcotica /+1 records

“Science Killer“/The Black Angels/Directions To See a Ghost/ Light in the Atic

“Crossing“/Wooden Shjips/West/Thrill jockey

“Black bird“ (Only one)/Secret Colours/Secret Colours

“The Perfect Needle“/The Telescopes/Taste/Rev-Ola

“Got my eye on you“/Brian Jonestown Massacre/Strung out in heaven/tvt

“Fingerpainting“/Acid Baby Jesus/Acid Baby Jesus /CDBY

“New Direction“/Black Lips/Arabian Mountain/Vice records

“Wait for Us“/Mind Spiders /Meldown/Dirtnap Records

“Tambourine girl“/Ringo Deathstarr/Colour Trip/Sonic Unyon

“Theme from the Drifter pass“/Spindrift/Classic Soundtracks/XEMU records

“Shes not There“ (zombie´s cover /Black Angels/
Mind Spiders

Acid Baby Jesus

Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Black Angels

El invitado  “Roma“ en el Laboratorio sonoro de Transgresión auditiva
Foto Hemingroove

Fotos vía @monsiergoma

El Programa:
rep iconoclasta -ELROMA- copia from Hemingroove on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ninja Tune XX Documentary( London 2010)

Hardcore: La revolución Inconclusa (Susana Díaz 2011)


En la década de los noventas, Hardcore es un movimiento fuerte, rechaza todas las consignas del punk de los ochentas, genera una red social de apoyo entre bandas, actitud antisistema a través del “hazlo tú mismo”. El presente documental reconstruye retrospectivamente una escena desde sus protagonistas, quienes relatan como ha cambiado su devenir actual en relación a la radicalidad ideológica de los 90, rescate que nos permite ver discrepancias, valores y legados de toda una generación.

The History of Head phones

Who is Chuck Treece...?

D.I.Y. Video Projector

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iconoclasta#9...subvirtiendo la realidad cotidiana

Toshinori Kondo&Dj Krush

A los que marcharon hoy....

“Al borde del abismo la esperanza es buena espada“/ Antimaster /Antimaster / independiente

“Softly as a morning Sunrise“/The Modern Jazz Quartet/ The Last Concert/Atlantic

“Jodies ChaCha“/Max Roach/Deeds not Words/Ojc

“The Hipster“/The Rare Groove Orchestra/Dancing with Cows/Souljazzer records

“Joomla“/The Rare Groove Orchestra/Dancing with Cows/Souljazzer records

“Sun is shining“/Dj Krush&Toshinori Kondo/ KI Oku /Instinct Records

“Jazz it at home“/Birdy Nam Nam/Birdy Nam Nam/Kif Recordings

“Ultra“/Boca 45/Pitch Sounds/Grand Central Records

“Gangbang“ /Flying Lotus feat Gaslamp Killer/Warp Records Spring/Warp records

“She is P“/Boards of Canada/A few old tunes/Music 70

 “Thai Mama“/Samon Kawamura/Spur of the moment/Nesola

“Blackbird“ /Malakai/Ugly side of love/Domino

Max Roach

The Modern Jazz Quartet

Flying Lotus&Gaslamp Killer

Boards of Canada

Birdy birdy Nam Nam
Samon Kawamura


Marcha #Yo soy 132

“Cuanto mas conflictivo se vuelve el terreno político , cuanto mas represivo, mas valiosa se vuelve la imaginación“
Jim Jarmusch (Punk Attitude documentary)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paint Showers (Miguel Jiron 2012)

We Are Legion:The Story of the Hacktivism (Brian Knappenberger 2012)

Uprising: Hip Hop & The LA Riots (Mark Ford 2012)

“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power. Hip Hop is a social invention for increasing the participation of youngsters who are often left out of community development processes.”
Curated by Jan Servaes

Monday, May 21, 2012

Let Fury Have the Hour (Antonino D´ Ambrosio 2011)

A Detailed look at Sex Injuries...

Tikimentary (Duda Leite 2009)

Uganda Skateboard Union

The History of Radio (via

A DIY Rig for Perfect Light Painting Orbs

Unlike most DIY projects this one won’t come cheap, but if you’ve always yearned for that ever elusive “perfect” light painting orb, then photographer Hugo Baptista has a solution for you. All you need to replicate his results is a Meade DS-2000 telescope mount, a drill, an LED strip with a wireless controller, and a piece of wood. Hugo goes into detail on construction and use of the rig over at DIYPhotography, but the final product should look more or less like this: And here are some examples of the perfect light painting orbs that the rig promises to yield:
(via DIYPhotography)