Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Iconoclasta #51...vandalismo sonoro

Steve Reich

“Debemos aprender a oír mas, a ver mas, a sentir mas.Lo importante ahora es recuperar nuestros sentidos“
Susan Sontag


“Moanin´ at midnight“/Howlin´ Wolf/The Definitive Collection/Geffen

“Denizalti Rüzgarlan“/Okay Temiz/Bosporus Bridges(A Wide Selection Of Turkish Jazz And Funk 69-78)/Twimo Records

“Dolana Dolana“/Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrasi/ Bosporus Bridges(A Wide Selection Of Turkish Jazz
And Funk 69-78)/Twimo Records

“Jaan Pehechaan Ho“/Mohammed Rafi/Ghost World Soundtrack/Shanachie

“Ocean of Venus“/Dengue Fever/Venus on Earth/M80

“Motorlicker“/Tobacco/Maniac Meat/Anticon

“Still in April“/Michita/A Full Life/Ill Dance Music

“Frofight“/Ranmecca/Fela BeatTape KenoSobi X Ranmecca/

“ITT Thief Flip“/Ranmecca/Fela BeatTape KenoSobi X Ranmecca/

“Party Time“/Dave Hamilton/The Detroit Funk Vaults: Ghetto Funk And Soul From Dave Hamilton 1968-1969/Beat Goes Public

“Cohelo“/Mandrill/The Best of Mandrill/Fontana Polydor

“Yah Raya“/Rachid Taha/Rachid Taha Live/Ark 21

“Electric Couterpoint“ (Fast)/Steve Reich: Different Trains, Electric Counterpoint / Kronos Quartet, Pat Metheny/ Different Trains/Electric /Nonesuch

“Arabian Grove“/Sub Society/No legs to stand on/

Howlin´ Wolf

Dengue Fever
Rachid Taha

Music Man Murray documentary (Richard Parx)

ICONOCLASTA...peleando hasta el final

“Escucha! o tu voz te volverá loco.“
 Proverbio Chino

The Mono Men en México

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Charles Mingus

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.“

Charles Mingus 

4/20 International Cannabis Culture Day

Record Store Day 2013

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally.

This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists in the United States and in various countries across the globe make special appearances and performances. Festivities include performances, cook-outs, body painting, meet & greets with artists, parades, djs spinning records and on and on. Metallica officially kicked off Record Store Day at Rasputin Music in San Francisco on April 19, 2008 and Record Store Day is now celebrated the third Saturday every April.

Record Store Day is currently managed by Michael Kurtz and Carrie Colliton, in coordination with Michael Bunnell and Eric Levin. Folks wanting to contact Record Store Day are encouraged to email us at

Lista de tiendas, eventos y descuentos en la ciudad de México y en el interior del país.

Como parte del Record Store Day México estaré poniendo viniles(garage,surf,punk,rockabilly)
en Streetecnik  Marsella #54 Col. Juárez entre Nápoles y Dinamarca, a partir de las 4.

Eventos en Roma Records y otras tiendas

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ian Mackaye in Henry Rollins KCRW radio show


Photos (

This show was originally broadcast on April 6, 2013 on KCRW. Not only are there great tunes to listen to, but good conversation between two old friends.

Ian Mackaye playlist

Hour 1

01. Booker T. & The MG's - Green Onions / Stax Revue Live At The 5/4 Ballroom
02. Vile Cherubs - Man With A Photograph / The Man Who Has No Eats Has No Sweats
03. Q and Not U - Kiss Distinctly / No Kill No Beep Beep
04. Lungfish - Wailing Like Dragons / Feral Hymns
05. Radio Birdman - New Race / Radios Appear
06. Black Eyes – Drums / Cough
07. Follow Fashion Monkeys – Menagerie / Unreleased session
08. Slant 6 - Double Edged Knife / Soda Pop-Rip Off
09. Stooges - Where You From / It's About Time
10. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - She's Dancing Away / So Many Things
11. Ramsey Lewis - Hang On Sloopy / Hang On Ramsey

Hour 2

01. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same / 05-25-77 Cap. Centre
02. Happy Go Licky - Twist And Shout - Happy Go Licky Will Play
03. Medications - The Perfect Target / 5 Songs
04. SPRCSS - Ours Is Expanding Light / May 2010
05. Funkadelic - Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow / Live: Rochester, MI 9-12-71
06. The Nurses – DYF / Single
07. Nation Of Ulysses / SS Exploder - Plays Pretty For Baby
08. Red C – Pressure’s On / demo?
09. Rocket From The Crypt - Pressure's On / All Systems Go

Radio Show

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iconoclasta #50...música punzocortante y afilada

Mary Halvorson

“Todos los sistemas totalitarios han acallado el ruido subversivo; origen de exigencias de autonomía cultural, reivindicación de las diferencias o de la marginalidad.“
Clara Garí

“Welcome to Violence“/Quasimoto/The Unseen/Stones Throw

“The Return of the loop digga“/Quasimoto/The Unseen/Stones Throw

“Rape Date“/Peanut Butter Wolf/Peanut Butter Breaks/Stones Throw

“Ii B.S.“ (Rza's Mingus Bounce)/Charles Mingus/Impulsive Revolutionary Jazz/Impulse

“Mizrab“ (Prefuse 73 Remix)/Gabor Zabo/Impulsive Revolutionary Jazz/Impulse

“Stargazer“/Kyoto jazz Massive/Spirit of the Sun/Compost

“Seoul Music“/Yellow Magic Orchestra/Technodelic/Epic

“What it is!“/The Kahil El'Zabar's Quartet/What it is!/Delmark

“Mile High Like (No. 16)“/Mary Halvorson Quintet/Saturn Sings/Firehouse 12 records

“Kung“/Okkyung Lee/Noisy Love Songs/Tzadik

“Untitled“/John Butcher/Live  at St John-at-Hackney Church - 2012-10-05/

Okkyung  Lee

Kahil El'Zabar's

Yellow Magic Orchestra


Monday, April 15, 2013

John Taylor jazz caricatures

Miles Davis
John Coltrane
Thelonius Monk
Charlie Parker
Dizzy Gillespie
Jaco Pastorius

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iconoclasta#49...sonidos líquidos y corrosivos

Wadada Leo Smith

“The possible has been tried and failed.Now it´s time to try the impossible“
Sun Ra

“9mm“/Butter 08/Butter 08/Grand Royal

“Ballskin“/MF Doom/Born Like this/Lex Records

“Tempest“/Ursula Rucker/This (with Jazzanova) EP Vinyl/K7

“FreqBeat“/Thavius Beck/Symphony of Spheres/Plug Research Records

“Fake Blood“/Moon Pearl/Pearl Jams/

“Grrr“/Oval &Emilia Suto/Calidostópia/Not on Label

“Aha Gedavo“/Getatchew Mekurya & The Ex & Friends/Y'Anbessaw Tezeta/Terp

“Composition No. 314“/Wadada Leo Smith& Anthony Braxton/Organic Resonance/Pi Recordings

“Kersala“/Matana Roberts/Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libre/Constellation

“Exit part 1“/Fire Orchestra/Fire/Runne Grammofon

“Beak“/Monitor/Beak-Pet Wedding 7“/World Imitation Records

“Return of the rat“/The Wipers/Is This real?/Jackpot Records

“Kill someone you hate“/Redd Kross/Born Innocent/Frontier Records

Matana Roberts
Ursula Rucker

MF Doom

Thavius Beck


Red Kross

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


                                            Bikini Kill

“Art revolves around creating something that isn´t there“
Kathleen Hanna

Nos visitaron en cabina 2 Riot Grrrls (Claudia y Velia) esta fué su selección musical de chicas con actitud.


“I don´t give a ...“/Peaches/Father Fucker/Xl Recordings

“Rebel Girl“ /Bikini Kill /Pussy Whipped/Kill Rock Stars

“Wargasm“/L7/Bricks are Heavy/Slash

“Blow Dry“/Huggy Bear/Our Troubled Youth (Huggy Bear) / YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH (Bikini Kill) /Kill Rock Stars

“Citysong“/Lucious Jackson/Ingredients/Capitol

“Fashion Rules“/Chicks on Speed/Fashion Rules single/Chicks on Speed

“Jailbreak“/Gossip/That's Not What I Heard/Kill Rock Stars

“Ask the Angels“(Patti Smith cover)/Wild Flag/Live in Philladelphia/

“Kropotkin-vodka“/Pussy Riot/Kill The Sexiest/

“Dig Me Out“/Sleater Kinney/Dig Me out/Kill Rock Stars

“Shred A“/Le Tigre/Feminist Sweepstakes/Mr.Lady

“I´m so exited“/Le Tigre/The Island/Universal

Sleater Kinney

Pussy Riot

The Gossip

iconocladta 48 from Hemingroove on Vimeo.

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