Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Iconoclasta #77...lucky bastards...

Eddie Bo

“If you want to be a different fish, jump out of school.“
Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

“Funky“/The Chambers Brothers/Greatest Hits/Columbia

“Let the Groove Move You“/Gus “The Groove“ Lewis/ Together - Let The Groove Move You 7“ single /Tou-Sea Records

“Hook and Sling part 1“/Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders/Hook and Sling/Funky Delicacies

“All I Want is lovin you“ /Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders/ All I Want is lovin you/Nothern Soul

“Clap your Hands“/Reginal Milton & The Soul Jets/Funk 45

“Gouge Away“Pixies cover/Mogwai/ Dig for Fire :A tribute to Pixies/Laundromat Records

“Requiem for the Sea“/Ahleuchatistas/Heads Full of Poison/ Harvest Recordings

“A Critical Dance“/Renaldo And The Loaf /Arabic Yodelling/Ralph Records

“Rats and Monkeys“/Art Bears/Rats and Monkeys single 7“/Ralph Records

“You and I“/Silver Apples/Contact/Kapp Records

“Lumberton“/Bastard Noise/A Culture of Monsters/Deep Six Records

“What The Fuck Are You Gonna Do When It's Cool To Be Yourself? “/Charles Bronson/ Charles Bronson / Unanswered ‎split 7“ /Track Star Records
Gus “The Groove“ Lewis

The Chambers Brothers

Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders



Art Bears
Silver Apples

Bastard Noise

Charles Bronson

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iconoclasta #76...ataques sonoros frontales...

John Lee Hooker

“You can't kill jazz. Jazz is not a body, it's a spirit.“
Sonny Rollins

“Boom  Boom“/John Lee Hooker/Burnin/Collectables

“I´m Gonna Haunt you“/Fabbiene Del Sol/No Time for Sorrows/Damaged Goods

“Hey Hey We're The Gories“/The Gories/I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'/Crypt Records

“I Need You“/Shake, Shake,Shake/The Satelliters/Dyonisus Records

“Movement“/Holly Herndon/Movement/RVNG Intl.

“Rise n Fall“/Machine Drum/Vapor City/Ninja Tune

“Bad The John Boy“/David Lynch /Bad The John Boy /Sacred Bones Records

“The Death Flag Blues“/Godspeed you Black Emperor ! /F♯ A♯ ∞/Constellation

“Freak“/Swans/Filth/Neutral Records

“Le Part Maudit“/Moonchild/Moonchild/Tzadik


Fabbiene del Sol

The Gories

The Satelliters

Holly Herndon


David Lynch

Godspeed You Black Emperor!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Topada vinilera por Tixtla en el Multiforo Cultural Alicia (13 de Noviembre 2013)

Moises Underground (El Clan)


Delincuente (Ruffy Jamaica 69)

Brendan (Soulimbo)

Tropicaza(El Pan Blanco)

Rusty Quinteros (Nicotyna)

Iconoclasta#75... ...sonidos que se transforman en viajes...

Todd Clouser & Daniel Jodocy

Esta noche tuvimos como invitados dos increíbles músicos, uno de los favoritos de la casa el gutarrista Todd Clouser (A Love Electric, Machete 4, Film Speak) y desde NYC,  Daniel Jodocy (Nublu Orchestra, The Kinematics, Dizzy Ventilators), percusionista e  inventor de múltiples máquinas de ruido, quién ha trabajado con algunos personajes como Butch Morris,Kenny Wollesen, Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Jonas Mekas, Billy Martin entre muchos otros.  Estupenda charla y grandes anécdotas sobre su trabajo.


“Keep on pushin“/BLKTop Project/Lane Change/Galaxia

“Hollow Ego“/A Love Electric/Naked Beat/The Royal Potato Family

“War Pigs“/A Love Electric/Naked Beat/The Royal Potato Family

“Naked Beat“/A Love Electric/Naked Beat/The Royal Potato Family

“Ballerina“/The Kinematics/ Tempest/

“The Tempest“/The Kinematics/Tempest/

“Asterism“/The Kinematics/Tempest/

“Clockwork“/The Kinematics/Tempest/

“4th of July“/A Love Electric/Naked Beat/The Royal Potato Family

Clouser&Jodocy in da house

Foto de Todd Clouser

Iconoclasta 75 from Hemingroove on Vimeo.

Sonorama: Arte y Tecnología del Hi-Fi al mp3 (Museo Universitario del Chopo)