Monday, July 30, 2012


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Do you perhaps really, really want to create some music but have a term paper or some work to catch up on and don’t have the time?  How about making music by writing?  Wait.. what?
Drawdio Electronic Pencil
The Drawdio is an analog synthesizer circuit that attaches to a pencil and lets you synthesize electronic sounds while by writing or drawing.  The DIY  kit uses the conductive properties of the graphite in the pencil lead and produces all sorts of crazy sounds while you move it on paper.
OK, so that video doesn’t quite show a symphony being produced, but it’s a really cool concept, and I’m sure with some practice you could really start to control this little synth.  Besides, if you’re a synth geek like me, this is an absolute must-have.
Drawdio Electronic Pencil
Adafruit sells the Drawdio kit for $19.50, including the circuit board and all the hardware.  They even throw in a 2B pencil!  Since this is a DIY kit, you need some really basic solder skills to put the Drawdio synthesizer together, but the circuit looks simple enough that even I would have a hard time messing it up.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

#BANGCAMPOMARTE...Prisma sonora telemática (Astrovandalistas)

El Arma Sonora Telemática es una herramienta para realizar manifestaciones en el espacio físico a través de las redes sociales.
Encontramos una estructura metálica de 4 x 6 mts ubicada frente al Campo Marte, un campo militar que encierra historias de un pasado represivo que se ha ido olvidando poco a poco.
       Intervenimos la estructura con 64 tubos galvanizados conectados a un motor.      
      Este mecanismo es activado a distancia cada vez que alguien escribe    
      #BANGCampoMarte en Twitter. Esta es el Arma Sonora Telemática.

Un arma es un dispositivo que amplía la dirección y la magnitud de una fuerza.
Nosotros queremos amplificar un cuestionamiento colectivo sobre el rol de la violencia en la historia reciente de México.
El A.S.T. puede ser activada y fácilmente replicada por personas en otros lugares del mundo.
Te invitamos a participar de este ejercicio de manifestación virtual. También ponemos a tu disposición todo el manual de construcción y código.

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Friday, July 27, 2012


Break The Record
Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor
The piece is a protest against blatant injustice in money allocation, overflow of military and security in the civilian world and unwise and often illegitimate spending of taxpayers' money, and against the pressure on the consumer by the official sponsors of the Olympic Games.

Making equations between a runner's achievements and the costs and security involved in the mediatization of the event, Chaton and Moor expose how the Games have become an oversized beast and an event that, because of the climate of fear we live in, is no longer simply an exciting sporting event.

Text and music give a sense of this distortion; what has happened to the Games, and the situation of people, the great sportmen and women, and their loving public, in respect to an event bombarded by advertisement, branding, and security arrangements, and how London has come to resemble something close to a city in a state of war.

English voice by DJ Rupture.