Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poem of Zack de la Rocha to Ocuppy movement...Occupy Album&Musicians

“This poem is dedicated to the Occupy movement whose courage is changing the world. Stay Strong. We are winning.”
Zack de la Rocha

The beginning spills through city veins
Into the arteries
And under powers poison clouds
We move like the shadows
Through the alley ways
Through nightmares bought and sold as dreams
Through barren factories
Through boarded schools
Through rotting fields
Through the burning doors of the past
Through imaginations exploding
To break the curfews in our minds
Our actions awaken dreams of actions multiplied
A restless fury
Once buried like burning embers
Left alone to smolder
But together stacked under the walls of a dying order
All sparks are counted
Calloused hands raised in silence
Over the bonfire of hope unincorporated
It’s flame restores tomorrows meaning
Across the graveyards of hollow promises
As gold dipped vultures pick at what is left of our denial
And the youngest among us
Stare at us stoned like eyes determined
And say
Death for us may come early
Cause dignity has no price
At the corner of now and nowhere
Tomorrow is calling
Tomorrow is calling
Do not be afraid

Occupy This Album

Jackson Browne
Warren Haynes
Aeroplane Pageant
Dj Logic
Yo La Tengo
Lloyd Cole
Stephan Said
Lucinda Williams
Toots And The Maytals
Tao Rodriguez Seeger
Third Eye Blind
My Pet Dragon
Alex Emanuel
Joel Rafael
Jennie Arnau
Dylan Chambers
Global Block
Mystic Bowie
Harry Hayward
Mike + Ruthy
Jay Samel
Matt Pless
Mike Rimbaud


We, the undersigned musicians and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement around the world.

Aadam Jacobs, audio/video recording (Sonic Archives)

Aaron Darter, guitarist, Attack the World. producer, Stone Otis Studios

Aaron DeMuth, bass, libyans

Aaron Dugan, guitarist

Aaron Fowler, Singer/Songwriter/teaching Artist, AFM Local 1000 (Wichita, KS

Aaron J Johnson, Charles Tolliver Big Band, Oliver Lake Band, Love Unlimited Trio.

Adam Brzycki, Skyshatter/The Just Reverie/Greenroom

Adam Denton, Deas & Denton, Trans/Human, Co-Fragilities

Adam Lawrence

Adam LeRoy, guitar, Ferndale Acid Scene

Adam Rudolph, Meta Records

Adam Schatz, Search and Restore

Adam Scherer, guitarist/composer/music educator

Adam Simonsen, clarinetist, Royal Danish Opera

Adrià Casas Comelles, singer, composer, BLÄUE

Adrian Knight, composer

Aidan Eubanks, aka Moon River (Washington, DC)

Akil Talib, Jurassic 5

Alexandra Honigsberg: viola, violin, French horn, voice, songwriter Local 802 AFoM, Regina Opera, ASCAP, Fiddle Chicks, Treasure House Music, La Via Della Rosa, Manhattan Wind Ensemble, Columbia Summer Winds, Queer Urban Orchestra, NYSCA ( New York, NY)

Alexander Sims, Composer, Bassist, Sound Engineer — Distorted Victim

Alex Legg, Songwriter, Australia/Scotland

Alex Maiolo, Guitarist, Fan Modine, Soft Company

Alex Strama, MT6 Records / Newagehillbilly

Alfonso Fontaiña, composer and producer, Indeeveeduo

Alldae Audacious, vocalist/emcee/freedom fighter (Stow, OH)

Allen Otte, Percussion Group Cincinnati

Alicia Svigals, violin (NYC)

Amanda Palmer

Amar Chaudhary, Electronics, computer, piano, keyboard (San Francisco, CA)

Amos Levy, DJ/Producer/Educator, Pittsburgh

Amy Klein, Hilly Eye, Amy Klein & the Blue Star Band

Andersen Silva, guitar-playing singer/songwriter, Lyndhurst, NJ

Andras Fekete, guitarist/composer, Boat Burning, Triangle Rhysing, Thee Dirtybeats

Andrea C. Miklasz

Andrea Centazzo

Andrea Van Cleef, singer/songwriter; bass and guitar

Andrea Williams, sound artist, 23five

Andres Molina

Andrew Bernstein, composer/saxophonist/electronic musician

Andrew Bowen

Andrew Raffo Dewar, composer & saxophonist

Andrew Weathers, composer, Full Spectrum Records, Tethers, Parties (Oakland, CA)

Andy Goncalves – Singer/ songwriter, Guitarist and vocalist

Andy Pohl, guitarist, The Snipers, co-founder of Sell The Heart Records

Andy Shernoff, songwriter, producer, singer, and bass player (NYC)

Andy Williamson, Saxophonist

Angel Reyes, Waco Girls (Texas)

Anne Hege, composer/vocalist

Ann Tappan, jazz piano, MJ Williams Trio, Kelly Roberti Trio, Springhill (Bozeman, MT)

Annie Enke

Anthony William Herndon

Anthony Parrotta, SOUP

Anthony Pateras, Composer and Pianist, Thymolphthalein / PIVIXKI

Antipop, aka Christophe from Telepopmusik (Paris, France)

Antonio Macomber, The Stolen Mural (Portland, Maine)

Aram Bajakian, Aram Bajakian’s Kef

Ari Herstand, vocalist

Armando Bayolo, DMA, Artistic Director and Conductor Great Noise Ensemble

Assif Tsahar

The Avalanches (Australia)

Ayisha Jaffer, Punkdafunk

BJ Bonin, Demolition Means Progress

BJ Warshaw, Parts & Labor / Cardboard Records

Barbara Dane

Barbette Falk, Quartette Barbette Sax Quartet

Barry Walsh

BassDbler, JD Short, bass & programming

Basya Schechter

Beasts Of No Nation (Washington, DC)

Ben Furstenberg

Ben Goldberg, composer

Ben Griggs, guitar + vox, Father President (San Francisco, CA)

Ben Sterling, Cookies

Ben Syversen, Raya Brass Band

Bert Dockx, The Flying Horseman / Dans Dans (Antwerp, Belgium)

Beth Custer

Beth Gottlieb, Vocals and Flute “Friends of Chloe/ Sump Pumps (Chicago, IL)

Betsi Krisniski, singer/songwriter (Hudson, NY)

Beverly Woods, songwriter, singer: hammered dulcimer, tsimbl, piano, organ and other keyboards, accordion, 6- and 7-string guitars, autoharp, mandolin, bouzouki, pennywhistle, hand percussion, fretted dulcimer, folk harp, concertina, nyckelharpa, tenor banjo, and hurdy-gurdy (Wolfeboro, NH)

Bilal Salaam, voice, Newark, NJ

Bill Champitto, Piano, Organ, Keys, Singer, Songwrite

Bill Frisell, (Musician)

Billy Roues, guitar, mandolin, songwriter, UpSouth Twisters, Thieves, Finn and the Sharks

Björn Eriksson

Blackbox Joe, Val Sinestra (Berlin, Germany)

Blake Walker, recording engineer, Black Viking Studios

Bob Lukomski, composer, New Paltz

Bob Marsh, director Emergency String (X)tet

Bob Ostertag, musician, composer, writer

Bobby Cardos/Doubting Thomas Cruise Control (Brooklyn, NY)

Bobby Hanna, singer, bassplayer

Bobby Mitchell, pianist, keyboardist, musician

Bombskare (Andy Pennycuick, Murray Graham, Scott McCafferty, Joe Burden, Sam Mcleod, Matt Bartlett, Colin McCafferty, Mike Knox, Calum Mackie Cummins)

Bonnie Hayes

Bonnie Whiting Smith, Percussionist and arts educator, University of California San Diego/red fish blue fish percussion group

Borja Penalba, Guitar and bass player, Composer, Arranger and Music Producer

BORTS MINORTS, Electric musical ski player

Bosley Mongo

Brad Cole, producer/arranger/keyboardist, Phil Collins, Johnny Hallyday, Hugues Aufray, etc.

BRAIN, Quixote

Brandon Eggleston, freelance producer/engineer

Brandon Hurtado, guitar, keyboard, Max/MSP

Breakin Chainz and Chairo 9 (Arthur & Rutha Brown)

Brendan Burke, Electronics, Interbellum, (Chicago, IL)

Brent Magstadt, guitar, bass, mandolin, voice, Hilo, Hawai’i

Brett Netson, guitarist, Built to Spill, Caustic Resin (Boise, Idaho)

Brian Calhoon, percussion/marimba/voice

Brian Case, Disappears

Brian DeGraw, synthesizers, percussion, electronics for Gang Gang Dance / DJ

Brian Horst, sound sculptor, The Noisettes (Austin TX)

Brian Miller, Foot Village (Los Angeles, CA)

Brian Paulson, producer/engineer for Superchunk/Wilco/Beck, etc.

Brian Virtue, Producer

Brian Yoder, guitarist/bassist, Archers (Portland, OR)

Brothers Bear Arms: Sam Pritchard – Drums, Dan Pritchard – Guitars/Synthesizer, Simon Puckey – Vocals/Musical Ephemera/Inspirational Spiritual Oratory

Bruce Ackley, Rova Saxophone Quartet

Bruce Christian Bennett

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Burton Greene, piano, Burton Greene Trio and Quartet, Klez-Edge, Klezmokum

Caleb Talbert, guitarist/composer/songwriter, Cold Water Theater (Seattle, WA)

Calvin Weston

Cameron Lewis, Ipecac Loop

Camilla Wynne Ingr, Sunset Rubdown

Carl Hauck, solo musician (north of Chicago)

Carl Michel, guitarist/composer, Play On Records

Carlos Zavala, Bass, Torreblanca (Mexico City)

Carmine Covelli, The Julie Ruin

Carolyn Bremer, composer (Long Beach, CA)

Carolyn Stuart, Professor of Violin, University of South Florida

Carolyn Studer, pianist

Carolyn Wonderland Band (Carolyn Wonderland, Cole El-Saleh, Robert Michael Hooper)

Casey Tuck, drummer with Measure, teacher

Casey Neill, guitar, vocals, songs, Casey Neill & The Norway Rats, Minus 5, KMRIA (Portland, OR)

Cat Martino, Singer / songwriter

Chad Birdsall, Singer/Songwriter, Godzilla (Inland Empire, CA)

Charles Therrell (a/k/a DISK DOKTOR)

Charles Whalen, composer, Paquito D’Rivera/Greenbug Productions, founder, Radio Orchestra New York

Charlie Woodburn, Drums and Percussion, Session Drummer (Los Angeles)

Chelsey Weber-Smith, songwriter, guitar and vocals (Charlottesville, VA)

Chester Hawkins, Blue Sausage Infant

Ches Smith

Chip Michael, composer, Twinstar Music, Interchanging Idioms

Chris Algoo

Chris Alvarado, acoustic guitar, vox (Destin, FL)

Chris Andersen, electric bass, Jack Mercer and the Whiskey Bandit (Vancouver, BC)

Chris Bottomley, singer/bassplayer / Bass, drums, guitar, percussion, vocals and songwriting, RAINFUDGE (Toronto, Canada)

Chris Cochrane

Chris Glover, Penguin Prison (New York City)

Chris Funk, Guitar, Banjo, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Decemberists / Black Prairie / King Charles Trio (Portland, OR)

Chris Letcher, composer

Chris Xefos, Musician/Producer/Recording Engineer/DJ/former member of King Missile (San Francisco, CA)

Chriss Sutherland, Cerberus Shoal, Fire on Fire, and Olas

Christa Van Alstine

Christian Dixon, Death Sentence: PANDA! (retired), Earth Jerks, Cops, Drums, bass, electronics

Christian Marclay

Christopher Genetti, electronic music producer and DJ (Detroit)

Christopher James Gregg, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion, Cello, Clarinet, Voice, Audio Engineer/Producer, Composer/Arranger, Music Store Owner (Los Angeles, CA and Lexington, NC)

Christopher R. Acree, violinist, musician (Nashville, TN)

Christopher Smith Producer/recording engineer/electronic musician & Bassist with The Fractal Skulls and Sonic Rising (London)

Christopher Swithinbank, composer

Christopher Walker, composer

Chris Wiggins and What You Will (Chris Wiggins-singer/songwriter, guitarist, Jenni Wiggins-banjo, back up vocals, Kelsey Dolan-mandolin, back up vocals, Dianne Johnston-percussion, back up vocals, Ike Eickstaedt-percussion, back up vocals, trumpet, flugel horn, Leighton LaBorde-bass (electric and stand up), back up vocals) Austin, TX

Chuck Bettis, experimental electronic & vocal composer

Cian Nugent, guitar (Dublin, Ireland)

City Fritter, Jewels & Johnny Nation

Cochrane McMillan, drummer, Tea Leaf Green and producer, engineer, and studio owner of Coyote Hearing (Oakland, CA)

Cole El-Saleh, Keyboardist/Key-Bassist, The Carolyn Wonderland Band (Austin, TX)

Colt Pope, SOUP

Connor Bell, guitar, voice, synths/keys, computers, bass, production, Shedding

Conor Bourgal, guitar, vocals, The Changing Colors Colorado

Coralie Lonfat

Corey Dargel, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, New Amsterdam Records (Brooklyn, NY)

Cornelius Cardew Choir

Cumhur Avcil, drummer at Cilekes (Istanbul, Turkey)

Curtis Roush, guitarist and singer, The Bright Light Social Hour (Austin, TX)

Craig Balan (NYC)

Crystal Pascucci, cellist/composer/improviser

D-Rock, MC

DJ Neva, aka Music for the Masses, Ethnomusicologist/DJ/Producer (Jersey City, NJ)

DJ Pain 1, Producer and DJ (Madison, WI)

DJ Rupture, Mudd Up!

DJ Scribe, aka Ben Goldfarb ( NYC)

Dabbles in Bloom

Dallas Thompson, SLATES, Fractal Pattern (Edmonton, Canada)

Damh the Bard, Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, celtic harp, mandola, singer/songwriter. (near Brighton, Sussex)

Dan Baker, guitar/vocals, Friends In Distraction

Dan Deacon

Dan Friel

Dan Lippel

Dana Lyn, violinist/composer

Dana Wachs, Sound Reinforcement

Dane Palmer, marimba

Dan Roberts, Songwriter (Waltham, MA)

Dan Siegler, producer/composer, keys, guitar, bass, drums (NYC)

Daniel Berthiaume, musician (guitar) songwriter, The Insecure

Daniel Brummel

Daniel Felsenfeld, composer

Daniel Levine, trumpet player and composer, Screaming Coyote and Bonaventure Merriwether III and founding member, Musicians Solidarity Council

Daniel Rossen, Grizzly Bear

Daniel Wilcox, guitar, The Ugly Beats, December Boys, The Strange Attractors, and Forever Changes (Austin, TX)

Danny Kopij Songwriter, Vocalist, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Engineer, Producer Life After Living / The Fortress / All In Vain

Darcy James Argue, composer, conductor, bandleader

Darlene Koldenhoven, vocalist/recording artist, songwriter, composer, producer, keyboardist, arranger, author, music educator, voice teacher (Los Angeles, CA)

Dary John Mizelle,Mizelle Music, FHE Creative and performing Arts Inc., Orchestra of Our Time

Dave Allen, Gang of Four

Dave Bryson, drums for Son Volt, Thalia Zedek Band, Hallelujah the HIlls

Dave Friedrich, Bass @ Censors, Guitar @ The Nix86 (Valley Stream, NY)

Dave McGilton, singer/composer/writer

David Abel, Bass/Guitar, Fly Ashtray/Autobody/squinchy (Queens, NY)

David Bloom, conductor, Contemporaneous

David Borsu, DJ & Producer, Belgium

David Enke

David Fetherolf, composer, (NYC)

David Grubbs, solo, and Squirrel Bait, Bastro, Gastr del Sol, and the Red Krayola.

David Higgins, Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter (Whittier, CA)

David Joyce, singer, keyboards, composer

David Knopfler

David Konopnicki, Autoryno

David Larstein, composer, songwriter, producer

David Levin, Sound Engineer, Brooklyn NYC

Dave Martin

David McIntire, composer/sound artist

David Moss, Atomic Wonderland, Rock Hop Ninjas

David Rosenbloom

David T. Little, composer/performer

David Toub, composer

Davis McGraw, guitar & vocals, The Pilgrims (VT)

Dayna Kurtz, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, singer, guitarist

Dean DeMerritt, upright and electric bass (Atlanta, GA)

Dean J Grenier, aka DJG, electronic musician and DJ (San Francisco)

Deborah Dietrich, singer/musician, Music Together teacher, Valley Cat Music (Los Angeles, CA)

Debora Iyall, singer, songwriter, vocalist and founder of Romeo Void

Dellic, singer, song writer, performer, producer, lyricists, instrumentalist, Revolutionistic Ent.

Demetrius Spaneas, Soloist/Composer, New York City

Derek Bermel, composer

Derrick Procell, singer/songwriter, piano, harmonica

Derek Torres, writer/singer/producer T0W3RS, Diggup Tapes, (Chapel Hill/Carrboro NC) and Lilac Shadows/Soft Company

Devin Sarno, Bass

Dick Destiny, guitarist/songwriter

Dispaxis (Devon)

DJ Neva, Ethnomusicologist/DJ/Producer, Music for the Masses

Doll Eyes

Dominique Leone, composer, producer & writer

Donna DiNovelli, librettist, lyricist

Donna Jay Rubin, singer/ songwriter/ guitar, Fists of Love (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Donna S. Kline, Pianist/author/filmmaker

Donovan Quixote, composer, electronics/guitar (Asheville, NC)

Dony Wynn

Dorian Detring, “compact”

Doug Wieselman

Dougie Bowne

Drew Daniel, Matmos / The Soft Pink Truth

Drew Harmon, The Stolen Mural

Drop Electric (Washington, DC)

Drunken Sufis: John Thayer (Drums, Samples, Engineer), Tommy Siegel (Guitar, Vox), Aaron Leeder (Guitar, Vox), Dave Cohen (Keyboards, Vox), Brett Niederman (Bass, Vox)

Dylan Maida

Eco, electronic music producer, Armada Music (NYC)

Eddie Adams, guitar, drums, harmonica, piano, singer, composer/lyricist and producer/sound engineer

Edward Landis, Interplanetary Floral Star Records

Eleonor Sandresky, composer and pianist

Eliane Lust, Le Piano Studio

Elias Gwinn, Record Producer,

Emily Jones, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, producer/engineer

Emily Lacy

Emily Manzo, pianist, Christy & Emily, Till by Turning

Emma Alabaster

Enter Shikari: Rou Reynolds – Vocals, Electronics, Rory Clewlow – Guitar, Chris Batten – Bass, Rob Rolfe – Drum (London, UK)

The Employees

Eric Beach, So Percussion

Eric Blitz, drummer False Prophets, Kommunity FK

Eric Budd, guitar w/ SLATES, keyboards w/ Our Mercury & Operators 780 (Edmonton, AB)

Eric Capone Project, Scottsdale, AZ

Eric Cartier, drums, The Banned Books (Austin, TX)

Eric Honour, Composer/Saxophonist/Audio Engineer (Kansas City, MO)

Erick Ponce, Multimedios Radio, Monterrey, Mexico

Evan Greer, Riot-Folk! Collective, AFM Local 1,000 (Boston, MA)

Evan Parker, Psi Records UK

Evan Stover, violin/fiddle, Walt Michael and Company, Vanaver Caravan

Ezra Feinberg, Citay

Felipe Navarrete, Bass, Kooma (Ecuador)

Fergal Keenan, music producer and DJ, Glasgow

Flat Field Records

Flint (Edmonton, Alberta)

Florent Ghys

Forest Christenson, composer/electronic musician/violinist

Frank Clare, Piano

Franklin Bruno

Franz Nicolay

Fred Sokolow

Frederic Rzewski, MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva)

Free Energy (Nicholas Shuminsky, Paul Sprangers, Evan Wells, Scott Wells)

Gabriel Saloman, GMS, Yellow Swans

Gabrielle Louise (read/watch her statement here)

Gaëtan Seguin, three:four records

Il Gato (Daimian Holiday Scott, songwriter, Andrew Thomas, bass, Johnny Major, drums)

Gak Sato

Garrett Shatzer, composer

Gaston Zirko, Situasonic Music

Geoffrey Burleson, pianist

Geneviève Castrée, O Paon

George Art Baker, Soundtrack Composer, Songwriter & Producer, The Smoke Thief, Aeon Bard (Brighton, United Kingdom)

George Kramer, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vox, Engineer, Producer, Studio Tech Support ((Austin, TX)

George M. Johnson, composer, arranger, fiddler, Global Warning

Gerry Hemingway, Nagual Music

The Glitch Mob

GONDO (Chicago, IL)

Gordon Beeferman

Gordon Gottlieb, (percussionist)

Gonzalo Leal, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Armonica (Barcelona, Spain)

Grand Official: producer Isaac Chavira ( a.k.a. A ONE), producer Jason Alvarado (a.k.a. Grip), Christian Cetina (a.k.a. DJ HALLUCIN8), Matt Amperano (a.k.a. A-DOSE), MC Adrian Nevarez (a.k.a. ADLIFE)

The Great American Canyon Band - Paul & Krystal Jean Masson – (Chicago, IL)

Greg Fox, drummer, multi-instrumentalist

Gregory Brown

Gretchen Peters

Greta Gertler (voice, piano, songs), The Universal Thump, Goldfish Prize, and the
Occupy Wall Street Ladies’ Choir

Guy Klucevsek, Composer/Accordionist

Guy Picciotto, Fugazi

Guy Schwartz, singer/songwriter/bandleader (Texas)

Hammer and Champion, hip hop artists (Denver, Colorado)

Ha-Yang Kim, composer, cellist

Harriet Jerusha Korim, singer-song-writer

Harris Pittman, Bassist (Los Angeles)

Harrison Shulman, Guitar for Craig Mitchell & Motor City, Project Organ Trio

Harry Nagle, musician, producer, songwriter

Hayden Who, saxophone, drums, and guitar for local bands (Toronto, Canada)

Heidi Lesemann, general music manager

Heidi Vanderlee, cellist, Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band

Herb Hecsch, clarinetist, music educator

Hernan Tasies, songwriter/vocalist, James Catholic and The Sects (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Howlin’ Woods

Howth (Aviva Stampfer, Blake Luley, Carl Creighton, Neil Acharya, Jeremy Duvall)/Brooklyn, NY

Hugh Levick, composer

Ian Gilson, aka HolyMole, mashup vocalist and former Guinness world record holder for continuous singing (UK)

Ian Hawkins, bassist,The Underhanded, Australia

Ian MacKaye, Dischord Records, The Evens, Fugazi, Embrace, Minor Threat, Teen Idles

Ian Miller, drums, vocals, Destroyed but Not Defeated (Vienna, Austria)

Ida Ott, violinist and music educator (Bethel, CT)

Immortal Ali, hip hop artist/producer (Chicago, IL)

Irene Sazer

Isaac Priestley, guitar, vocals, production, (World Racketeering Squad)

I See Hawks (Los Angeles)

Isidor Saslav, concert violinist and concertmaster

J.Britt Robisheaux of Theater Fire, Drug Mountain, Most Efficient Women (Fort Worth, Texas)

Jack E. Stanley, drummer, guitarist, vocalist, composer, Cursed Arrows

Jack Grace

Jack Hertz, sound designer

Jack Stone, whole band (South Africa)

Jail Biggum, electric guitar, vocals songwriter (Austin, Texas)

Jake Wolos, music teacher and jazz student at Richard Stockton College

James Chiappini,keyboards, performer, educator

James Jackson Toth, Wooden Wand

Jason Hatfield, songwriter, musician, singer, Junko Records

Jason Heath, Singer Songwriter-Guitar/Vocals (Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls)

Jason Moore, percussionist and vocals

Jason Stavroplos, composer, producer, engineer

James Swahl, Guitarist, Composer, Multi-intrumentalist (Pottstown, PA)

Javier Aladren, guitar, piano, and ukulele (Winter’s Tale Records)

James Greer, Guided By Voices, Detective

James Harrison, instrumentalist, producer

James Pelletier, drummer, The Habit (Brooklyn/NYC)

James Pugliese

Jamie Kelly, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synthesizers, Vocals, Percussion, Golden Tarot (Huntington, West Virginia)

Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

Jane Vincent, keyboards and vocals, Abiku

Janet Feder

Janet Furman, bass player, Chick Jagger and the Sticky Fingers (San Francisco)

Janine Wanée, mezzo-soprano

Jason Eckardt

Jason Edward Kocol, guitarist/vocalist, Impaled

Jason Gray, Guitarist, Sound Collaborator, Keyboards, Synth for WeatherExposed / Saudade

Jason Treuting, So Percussion

J Rohm, guitar, FLOORS

Jay C. Batzner, composer

Jay Schaffner, former executive board member, Local 802, American Federation of Musicians

JD Foster, NYC

Jeb Bishop, trombonist

Jeff Crosby, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Jeff Crosby & The Refugees, Equaleyes, Ladytramp (Boise, ID / Los Angeles, CA)

Jeff Newman, Hunters, Run! (New York City)

Jeff smith, guitarist, songwriter and music therapist (Victoria BC, Canada)

Jeff Surak, sound artist, Zeromoon, curator, Sonic Circuits – director

Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys, Guantanamo School of Medicine, Alternative Tentacles Records

Jen David, Illy Mack

Jen Shyu, Jade Tongue

Jennifer Castle, Songwriter, Flemish Eye (Toronto, Canada)

Jennifer Lane

Jenny Graf

Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, singer and lyricist, Mz. Pakman and Rubber Room Rats, Doll Hospital

Jenny Scheinman

Jeremiah Bornfield

Jeremiah Cymerman

Jérôme Minière (Montreal, Canada)

Jeremy Podgursky, Composer

Jeremy Toback of Chop Love Carry Fire / Renee&Jeremy / Brad

Jesse Munro Johnson, electronic music composer, label owner, Boomarm Nation

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Meat Parade, Escapists

Jesse Zante

Jewlia Eisenberg, Charming Hostess

Jim Altieri, composer / violinist / accordionist

Jon Autry, multi-instrumentalist, producer/recording engineer, sound designer, Brooklyn, NY

Jonathan Alvin, production and engineering (Chicago)

Jonnie Bakan, saxophonist, Toronto

Jim Butler

Jim Smith, The Smell (Los Angeles), olFactory Records

Joan Wile, keyboards, lyrics, music, voice, founder, Grandmothers Against the War 2003, and member, Occupy Wall Street Anti-war Committee 2011

Jochen Bohnes, musician

Joe Caputo, Computo, Ill Pill Records

Joe Dattilo. Guitar/Bass/Vocals. Solo Artist/the pissed infidels/Co-Owner of n0!sy records/(Self Proclaimed)Recording Engineer/Producer (Seymour/Shelton, CT)

Joe Kidd, Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter, The Sedition World Orchestra

Joe Merolla, Silver Process/Den Svarta Fanan/The Attitude Adjusters/Death First

Joe Motor: Ian Pearson on drums, Bill Patterson on bass, Joe Motor on guitars and vocals (Seattle, WA)

Joel Graves, guitarist, Everest (Vapor Records), Co-Owner of New Monkey Studio (Los Angeles, CA)

Jonathan Lee, Anduin , member of Souvenir’s Young America ( Richmond, VA)

Jonathan Scott, the Doleful Lions

John Clayton, bassist, composer

John Halle, composer, Professor at Bard College

John Iversen, El Norteamericano que Canta Tango

John Pazdan, Bassist/Composer/Producer (Chicago, IL)

John Pietaro, Xylophonist/Percussionist/Activist/Cultural Organizer (NYC)

John Potenza, guitar, Gel

John Sullivan, drummer & percussionist, Kid Savant (Brooklyn, NYC)

John Zorn

Johnny Gandelsman, In a Circle Records

Johnny High Ground

Jon Leidecker, Wobbly

Jon Raskin, Rova Sax quartet

Jon Rose, violinist, composer, improviser, instrument inventor

Jonathan Edwards, Producer/Bassist, Drake Jensen, Sills and Smith, Corvidae Music

Jonathan Green

José A. Olivares, Balún / Arturo en el Barco

Joseph Ohegyi, composer, editor, No Gang Colors

Josh Atlas, Parakeets / Nara

Josh Taylor, Foot Village and XBXRX

Joshua Gunty, guitar, vocals, production

Joshua Hensley, The Rutabega

Joshua Wachtel, voice, guitars, Radio Free Earth, Cummington, Massachusetts

J.P.Whipple, J.P.Whipple and The Filthy Whipple Medicine Show

Judd Greenstein

Julia Lucille

Julian Morales (DJ Descent)

Julian Woolsey, DJ, Perfect Prescription (Brooklyn, NY)

Junkyard Empire

Juri Member, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, The Charcoal Sunset (Berlin, Germany)

Justin Carter, multi-instrumentalist, Baretrees & Masuran, Austin/New York

Justin Purtill- guitarist, bassist, composer

Justin Walker, Singer Paul y Justin

J.D. Nero

Kai Lam, Guitar, Self-made instruments, Voice, Percussion and Sound-looper, Singapore

Karl Berger

Karney, vocs, guitars, bass, drums, trumpet, Independant Distribution Collective (San Francisco)

Kasey Clark, Producer/Engineer/Punk Tree Records

Kasey Fusco, instrument multi instrumentalist, audio engineer, Colorgun Recording Company (Ambridge, PA)

Kate Steinbeck, Artistic Director/flutist, Pan Harmonia

Kathi Wilcox, member of Bikini Kill/The Julie Ruin

Katherine Sawyer, Wire Graffiti

Kathleen Supové, Pianist/Performer

Kathy Wilson, Pianist & Accompanist

Kenneth Griffin, songwriter for Favourite Sons, Rollerskate Skinny and Kid Silver

Kenny Werner

Kevin Norton

Kevin Seal, keyboards, Griddle, Michael Zapruder’s Rain of Frogs and Scott Pinkmountain & the Golden Bolts of Tone

Kevin Seconds, singer-songwriter and lead vocalist, 7Seconds

Killed by 9V Batteries (Austria)

Kip Uhlhorn, guitar, Cloudland Canyon, The Red Scare, Panthers, Eden Express, & Intercoastal Artists record label

Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth

Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches/Antsy Pants/The Bundles)

Kliph Scurlock, The Flaming Lips

Kristin deWitt, session singer/performer

Kristin Norderval, composer, performer, vocalist

Kristine Reaume, Flutist and Educator (Austin, TX)

Kurt Doles, composer; administrator, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, Bowling Green State University

Kurt Gottwald, guitarist for Cosmos Says Hello

Kyle DeForrest, singer and songwriter (Cleveland, Ohio)

Kyle Gann, composer

Kyle McCormick, Shady Characters

Lars Erik Ebbesen, GloomAndGlow, STMODM, Peeker

Laura Lentz, flutist and teacher

Laura Love

Laurel Sprengelmeyer, aka Little Scream

Laurie Anderson

Lee Knohl, lyrics/vocals, violin, trombone, percussion, harmonica and guitar (NYC)

Lee Ranaldo, guitar, Sonic Youth

Lenorable (Ian Graham and Lisa Reed)

Leo Traversa, bass (NYC)

Levi Fuller

Liam Finn, solo artist, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Theremin, Piano (Brooklyn, NY but from Auckland, New Zealand)

Lian Amber, Songwriter, Producer and Vocalist (Austin TX)

Libbie Jo Snyder, Flutist & Vocalist, Local 47 ( Los Angeles, CA)

Lida Husik

Lin Culbertson, White Out


Lisa Laskowich, pianist / music director

Lisa Schonberg, drummer of explode into colors, STLS, Kickball & Thao with the Get Down Stay Down

Lori Goldston

Lori Scacco, musician/composer, Seely, Storms

Lou Reed

Lua Hightower, composer, vocalist, instrumentalist, Vox Musica ensemble

Lucas Johnson, composer/producer/DJ

Lucia Fasano, Shady Characters

Luke Fischbeck, Lucky Dragons (Occupy Music Series at The Smell, LA)

Luke Krom, singer/songwriter, Dirty Malkovich, The Orange Pealer, Unearth

Malika Zarra

Mallory Glaser, In One Wind

Marc Jaffee, Composer, Performer, Producer (New York)

Marc Ribot

Marc Urselli, EastSide Sound Studios

Margaret Stowe, guitarist/bandleader

Margot Leverett, clarinetist, Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys (New York)

Maria Kasstan, folkie, singer/songwriter, subway busker, and Raging Granny

Marilyn Miller, a singer/songwriter (Hudson, NY)

Mario Contreras, Multi Instrumentalist, and project leader for The Frail Winter (Amarillo, TX)

Mark Beaumont, bass, The Love Taps

Mark Gunnery, Riot Folk, Aryeh Gonif, the Fools, and Lightnin’ Seed (Baltimore, MD)

Mark Reback, drums, bass, guitars, keys, in Black Hi-Lighter, drums in The Checkers

Mark Reed, piano and other keyboards, Secretary-Treasurer of the Musicians’ Association of Victoria & the Islands – Local 247 of the Canadian Federation of Musicians (Victoria, BC)

Mark Smollin, Drums, Artscape Studio (Pasadena CA)

Mark Tetreault, Principal Tuba, Toronto Symphony Orchestra / Director of Symphonic Services, Canadian Federation of Musicians

Mark Tulk, singer/songwriter/producer

Marrik Layden Deft, musician, engineer, producer

Mark Lucas, singer-songwriter, Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters (Sydney, Australia)

Martin Bresnick, composer

Martin Hula, aka Bonus (Prague, CZ)

Maryelizabeth Carter, owner of The Underground Management

Mary Ho, Noise Inc.

Mary Honegger

Mary Hylan, Singer, songwriter, guitarist

Mary Jane Leach, composer

The Mast

Matana Roberts, saxophone

Matt Arbogast, The Gunshy

Matt Black, Coldcut/Ninjatune, mix medium

Matt Ellis, singer songwriter, vocals / guitar

Matt Flood, vocalist HKPOE!, founder, Asbestos Records

Matt Mottel, keyboard Talibam!/Csc funk band/alien whale/platinum vision

Matt Stephenson, aka Artie’s Kryptonite, electronic music, Arrow Mob

Matt Stuttler, guitar, The Kerouacs

Mat Von Thies, drummer, Pork ‘n Boots (Washington, DC)

Matt Vecchio, vocals/drums/guitar for Contracide, The Mashers, The Plastik Explosives, and The End Is Now

Matt Watts, Singer/Songwriter (Antwerp, Belgium)

Matt Wood: guitar, piano, percussion, vocals, composition. Syracuse University Setnor School of Music.

Matt Zeltzer, singer/songwriter (Ventura, CA)

Matteo Moss

Matthew Amundsen, Surface Hoar / Bat

Matthew Liam Nicholson, multiinstrumentalist, composer, Function, Outshine Family

Matthew Shaw, musician, artist, songwriter

Matthias Koole, guitarist, Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet

Matthew Rahaim, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (University of Minnesota), Hindustani vocalist (Gwalior Gharana)

Maureen Herman, bass, Babes in Toyland

Maurizio Naso, guitarist, Durga (Mata, Italy)

Max Grogan, 1%FREE, Montreal, Canada

Max Hodes, musician/producer/engineer Black Cosmic Mother, Colin L Orchestra, and La Otracina

Max Jaffe, killer BOB, In One Wind

Meerenai Shim, flutist (Occupy Music Festival, San Francisco)

Mehmet Eren Altuniş, composer and pianist

Melissa Caruso Scott, Tonic Kids

Memet Incili, producer, composer, guitarist

Merrill Garbus, Tune-yards

Micah Blue Smaldone

Michael Bravo, drummer, singer songwriter, composer (Ojai, CA)

Michael Cameron, guitar/synth/vocals, Waterlaso (Los Angeles, CA)

Michael “Double O” Aguilar, Double-0, Kidz in The Hall, songwriter/producer/DJ

Michael Hoffmann, drums, perc, electronics, live-sampling, sound-design (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)

Michael John, A Gap Between, and Masmöd, co-runs Nueva Forma (Portland, OR)

Michael Kandel, Tranquility Bass, Exist Dance Records (Chicago)

Michael Shay, cello, bass, guitar, voice, The Just Desserts (Ecuador)

Michael Sheahan, Computer, Sampler (Madison, WI)

Michael Simmons, vocals, guitar Michael Simmons & Slewfoot

Michael Vincent, composer

Michael Whyte, Singer/songwriter, guitarist with The Blind Robins / The Sunset Movies
(Rockford/Chicago, IL)

Michael Zbyszynski, Respectable Citizen

Michele Smith, flute, Local 802, New York Flute Club

Mick Greenwood, guitar, The Self-Proclaimed Rockstars (Boston)

Mike Bee, Vocalist, Guitarist & Lodge Master, The Phoenix Experiment ( Warrington, UK)

Mike Felten, guitar/harmonica/vocals – self contained singer/songrioter (Chicago, IL)

Mike Law, New Idea Society, Wild Arrows

Mike Manewitz, Audio Engineer, Code Monkey

Mike McClosky

Millionyoung, aka Mike Diaz (Miami, FL)

The Milkman’s Union: Henry Jamison – vocals, guitar, Jeff Beam – bass, Peter McLaughlin – drums (Portland, Maine)

“Memphis” Mike Metzger, Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers

Mina Ohashi, The Present

Mindee Jorgensen, drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, Azteca Frame, Dangerously Sleazy, FARM, Silent Time, Plague Winds.

Mir, Miriams Well (Portland, OR)

Mirah (Yom Tov Zeitlyn), K Records/Kill Rock Stars

Missy Mazzoli, composer, Victoire

Misty Dawn Briggs, keys and percussion Western Civ, founder, No More Fake Labels (Chapel Hill, NC)

MK Ultra

Moe Espinosa, aka Drumcell, electronic composer

Molly Thompson, singer and composer (Los Angeles, CA)

Moniker: Monica Metzler- multi-instrumentalist, loops, vocals, Andrew Harmon- drums, Tim Lower- bass, synth, beats(Portland, OR)

Monique Buzzarte, trombonist and composer

The Monte Vista (band)

Morgan Ames, Inner Voices

MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA (richard teitelbaum, Frederic Rzewski, Alvin Curran)

My Machine, aka Eli Ben-Yaacov

Nancy Magarill, musician/composer/performer (NYC)

Nancy Zeltsman, The Boston Conservatory/Berklee College of Music/Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Inc

Nate Cozadd, guitarist/songwriter (Austin, TX)

Nathalie Huber, pianist/composer

Nathan Fustec, Producer, Sound Engineer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer and sound sculptor

Nathan Michel, composer, Hospitality

Navid Sam Nayebi, guitarist/noisemaker, Beastial Treaat (BK, NY)

Nathan Singleton, guitar The Sideshow Tragedy (Austin, TX)

Nathan Veshecco, songwriter/singer/guitarist, founder Occupy Song (Harrisburg, PA)

Neil Ferguson, guitarist

NES ONE, rapper/producer

Nevian McPartland-Irvine, voice, drums, piano/organ, strings, Occupy Chicago (Chicago, IL)

The New Enemy (Toronto, Canada)

Nick Morandi, composer and clarinetist

Nick Nightingale, guitar, synth & vocals for Nick Nightingale, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Nick Schutz, drummer, The Kris Special, North Hollywood, CA

Nico Guerrero, VORTEX

Nicole Rampersaud, Trumpet Player/ Composer/ Bandleader, Co-Curator of The Leftover Daylight Series

Nigel Clark, Dodgy

Nigel Parry, singer songwriter

Noah Bernstein, Saxophone, tUnE-yArDs (Portland, OR)

Noah Creshevsky, Composer

Noel Benford, audio engineer

Noe Ramirez, lyricist, P.O.E.M.

Nonoko Yoshida

Nora Balaban, timbila, mbira, singer, Timbila, NYC

November Coming Fire: George(Guitar), Gareth(Vocals), Ruari(Bass), Bones(Drums), United Kingdom

Nueva Forma, record label (Portland, OR)

Object Collection (Travis Just and Kara Feely)

Oliver Rivera-Drew, SUSU, Gestammelorchester, Paro

Ophelia Clark, AntipopLTD

Oriol Roca

Otep Shamaya (Los Angeles)

Owen Weaver, percussionist, educator, Concert Black ( NYC/Austin, TX)

Oy Vey (New York City)

Pablo Menéndez, guitarist, vocalist and leader, MEZCLA (Havana, Cuba)

Pamela Jackson, Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC), Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT)

Papa Mali guitarist/singer/producer, 7 Walkers

Paolo Forlì, Bungalow62

The Parlor Mob

Patti Noel Deuter, pianist

Paul Barrett, Bassoon, Principal, (former) Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, Lecturer in Bassoon, University of Hawaii (Kailua, Hawaii)

Paul A. Epstein, composer

Paul DeGeorge, Harry and the Potters

Paul Hawkins, lead singer, Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences (UK)

Paul Lieberman, saxophones, flutes, and percussion, composer and arranger
SESAC (Wakefield, MASS)

Paul Shapiro, musician/composer

Paul Stein, accordionist, singer/songwriter, New York City

Paul Zacharias, bass tuba, ecoli brocoli

Paula Maya Burle Niemeyer

Paulie Finch, Enter Medic, Edmonton Canada

Pavel Kraus, bassist, Disquiet / Magpie

Pauline Oliveros, The Horns of Hathor/Deep LIstening Band/Triple Point

peaking lights (Aaron Coyes & Indra Dunis)

Pepper Somerset, vocalist, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Peter Amsel (Ottawa, Ontario)

Peter Nagle, composer & cellist

Peter Holsapple, guitar and keys, The dB’s

Penny Thomas, elementary music teacher

Penny Stone, radical Singer and community musician (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Pep Rius, guitarist, Raydibaum, Companyia Electrica Dharma, Lafrus, L’abdominable gallina nauseabunda

Pepi Ginsberg, Companion

Pete Pidgeon, Guitarist/Singer/Producer

Petr Klouček, Plug and Play

Phil Jones, Drummer and Percussionist, on tour with Pegi Young and The Survivors

Phillip Greenlief


Polly Moller

Q-Burns Abstract Message, Eighth Dimension Records / Astralwerks
Radio Partizan (UK)
Raphael Mostel, composer & founder/director of Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble: New Music for Old Instruments
Ray Herron, drummer, The Black Tongued Bells (Los Angeles, CA)
Ray Neal, Guitarist, solo and with Miracle Legion (New Haven, CT)
Raymond Saada
r.bins (L.U.N.A.R. Revolt / excelsior / mtn.high, NØ-Man Records / HotDogCity Records)
Rebecca Penneys, Professor of Piano, Eastman School of Music, Chair Chautauqua Festival Piano Program, Artist-in-Residence, St Petersburg College, FL

R.M. Isaiah, musician , San Francisco

Red Tagz

Reid Turner, composer, pianist, percussionist, Banshee and the Face (Vermillion, SD)

Reilly Steel, DJ/Producer, (Top Billin, Rock It Science Labs)

Rene Patrique, Producer, DJ, and Audio Engineer (Gladbeck, Germany)

Rhys Chatham, composer/performer

Ric Addy, Iggy Yoakam & His Famous Pogo Ponies

Rick Arnoldi, guitar, vocals, production

Ric Gordon, Artist/Producer, Guitar, Synthesizer, Russian Winter Records

Richard Hell

Richard J. Winn, bassist, singer, noise artist

Risto Paalanen, Taphead

Rob Bedford “DJ XSV” (Producer, DJ)

Robbie Martin, producer/sound designer Fluorescent Grey, founder of RecordLabelRecords

Rob Deemer, composer

Rob Galloway, The Yalla Yallas

Roberta Michel, flutist (New York City)

Robert Keyes

Robert Leng

Robert Lord, guitarist/composer/singer-songwriter (Pittsburgh, PA)

robert temple, singer songwriter 7 string acoustic guitar, broken pretzel music

Roberto Juan Rodriguez, Drummer/Composer

Robin Smith, The Trading Musician (Seattle, Washington)

Rod MacDonald, singer, songwriter, guitarist Blue Flute Music

Roger Evans, harpsichordist-organist

Ron Anderson

Ron McFarland Music Studio, Tiburon. CA

Rosemary Topar, violin teacher at NJ Workshop for the Arts (North Bergen, NJ)

Rough Fields, Bomb Shop label (UK)

Roy Harper

Roy Nathanson, The Jazz Passengers/Sotto Voce

Ruby Fulton, composer (Baltimore, MD)

Ruby Sea

Rudresh K. Mahanthappa

Russ Flynn, composer, Russ Flynn Large Ensemble (RFLE) and HasHaveHad

Ryan Aarset, so lame (Los Angeles, CA)

Ryan Hand, Drums, Tropical Popsicle

Ryan Harvey, of Riot-Folk Collective

Ryan Ingebritsen, Composer, sound artist, sound engineer, International Contemporary Ensemble, eighth blackbird

Ryan Miller aka Dj MēM, Electronic Music Producer & Multi-media artist

Ryan Smithee, Guitars, Co Composer, Lyricist, Mirrorscape

Ryan Walsh, Glenn Branca Ensemble, The Scene Is Now, Neg-Fi
Sabira Woolley, steel drum, guitar, 5 string banjo, percussion (San Diego, CA)
Sadsic (Maryland)
Sam SaVaun, vocalist, The Stolen Mural
Ry N Stanley, guitarist, drummer, vocalist, composer, Cursed Arrows
Sandra Koponen, musician/composer, ribaphone, alto sax, Kenny Wollesen’s Himalayas
Sandy Pliskin, folk music, topical songs and children’s music, on fiddle, banjo and ukulele (Northeast Connecticut)
Sara Haefeli Heimbecker, cellist and musicologist, Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)
Sara Landeau, The Julie Ruin, Guitar teacher

Sarah Baird Knight

Sarah Bernstein

Sarah Kirkland Snider

Sasha Frere-Jones, Ui/Calvinist/Piñata

Saul Williams

Scott Amendola

Scott Hedstrom, Sporeganic (Portland, OR)

Scott Hollingsworth, Frisbie Music NYC

Scott Sechman, singer songwriter

Scott Unrein, composer

Scott Valkwitch, Bare Flames

Scott Weatherall, Composer, Instrumenralist (Santa Clara, CA)

Scotty Boe, Nam Shub, about blank, the Match Wave (Vancouver, Canada)

Sean Holland, Producer , Coco Machete Records/Low Life Inc. (NYC)

Sean Lewis, lead guitar, Exit 116 (El Paso, TX)

Sean Rieger, FileTransferProtocol

Sebby Frescoe, producer/DJ

Seth Austen, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, 5 string banjo, ukulele, fretted dulcimer, piano, harmonica, hand percussion (Wolfeboro, NH)

Seth Cooke, Drums, vocals, electronics for, Ganbatte, Defibrillators, The A Band, Hunting Lodge/Sweat Lodge, UltraHumanitarian

Seth Horvitz

Seth Tiven, Dumptruck

Shahin Motia, Oneida

Shahzad Ali Ismaily

Shane Watt, Sound engineer/ Producer/Session Musicia

Shanna Gutierrez, flute, Ensemble Dal Niente

Shannon Hoon, SOUP

Shara Worden, My Brightest Diamond

Sharan Gale Leventhal, The Boston Conservatory

Sharon Cheslow, Coterie Exchange, Electrolettes, Red Eye, Suture, BMO, Chalk Circle, Decomposition

Sharon Abreu & Michael Hurwicz (“Irthlingz“), Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education, SingPeace!, Local 1000

Sharon Dudgeon, General Manager, WAUS-FM

Sharon Van Etten, Jagjaguar, Ba Da Bing Records

Sheikh Sam (AKA Sami Abu Shumays, Director of Zikrayat)

Sheilah Glover, Nicholas, Glover and Wray, Is Ennybody Home?

Sheldon Brown

Shelley Burgon, harpist/electronic musician

Shelley Champine,

Shelly Renee

ShiSho (Vivian Ramone, Midge Ramone, vocals/guitar/accordion/sampler/kazoo)

The Shondes

Sid Gasner, guitarist for Us Band, Owatonna, MN and Open Bones, Minneapolis, MN

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

Slim Moon, founder of Kill Rock Stars

Spazzfrica Ehd, drummer, Za!, Tarantula (Barcelona, Spain)

Spencer Thomas, Opir

Spirit Family Reunion (Brooklyn, NY)

Starbolt 9: Joe (vocals), Nick (bass), Mik (guitar), Jeff (keyboards) and Pat (drums)

The Statutes of Liberty

Stephane Ginsburgh, musician, Brussels

Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind

Stephan Said, musician, founder of

Stephanie (of Seattle, WA)

Stephanie Stone, musician/singer

Steve Chance, Maximillion

Steve Deutsch Producer / musician / engineer Spacebar Recordings, LA

Steve Grimes, guitarist, composer, guitar manufacturer

Steve Hicken, composer (Tallahassee, FL)

Steve Janke, Doomedelic Records

Steve Kirstein, engineer/producer, Local Pressure, aka LP Records

Steven Laing, composer/lyricist, viola, keys and guitar Venus / What Model Citizens

Steven O’Brien, composer

Steve Shelley, musician, Sonic Youth/Disappears/Spectre Folk and founder of
Vampire Blues record label/ founder of Smells Like Records

Stewart Mostofsky, owner of Ehse Records

Stew Pidittey, Euphonium, NYC

Stuart Hurwood

Stu Watson, Guitarist for No Sky God, Producer for the Shatter Your Leaves label (NYC)

Susan Grisanti, guitarist, composer, filmographer

Suspense Machine (Matt D’Alessio, Hwei Ling Ng)

Suzanne Thorp, composer, performer, activist

Svetlana Maras, composer and sound artist, Belgrade, Serbia

Svetozar Ivanov, Professor of Piano, University of South Florida

Sylvain Leroux, alto sax, guitar, leader of Source, Fula Flute, member of Mandingo Ambassadors, Kakande, Go:Organic Orchestra, Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra (New York City)

Talib Kweli

Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies

Tara Angell, singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer, White Cats (Brooklyn, NY and Liberty Square, NYC)

Taylor Ho Bynum, composer/cornetist/bandleader and President, Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Foundation

Ted Hearne, composer

Ted Orr, Guitar, Midi Guitar, Tablas 420 Funk Mob, BLOB, Blue Food, Dharma Bums
(Woodstock, NY)

Teri Greene, Guitarist, Eric Demmer & The Sax Dawgs and James “Boogaloo” Bolden (Houston, TX)

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down (whole band)

The Thermals (Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster, Westin Glass)

Thomas Dempster, composer (Columbia, SC)

Tom Cartwright, label veteran (25 years at EMI) , executive producer

Tom Frouge, Avokado Artists

Tommie Sunshine, DJ/Producer/Songwriter, Ultra, Brooklyn Fire (Brooklyn, NY)

Tom Green, drummer/performer/writer

Tom Nims, vocalist/lyricist,RESIST (Portland ,Oregon)

Thurston Moore, guitar, Sonic Youth

Tim Easton, songwriter, guitar, piano, mandolin (Joshua Tree, CA)

Tim Abdellah Fuson, performer, songwriter, ethnomusicologist who plays bass, Gnawa guinbri, Moroccan percussion, oud, guitar, clarinet, and voice. Performs with the Dunes – North African Grooves (band), at University of California, Berkeley

Tim Conley, guitarist, composer, producer (MAST)

Timothy “Treebeard” Adams, solo improv guitar, vocalist, lyricist

Tim Sparks

Tina M Pearson

Tom Bickley, composer/performer/teacher

Tom Morello, The Nightwatchman, Rage Against The Machine

Tommy Santee Klaws

Tracy Ruggles

Travis D, Wiggins, guitar and voice, Coral Stabz

Travis Trevisan, Tape Deck Mountain (Austin, TX)

Trevor Fedele, recording engineer and drummer (Purchase, NY)

Tristen Bakker, musician/writer, Cousin Jane, PARO

Tyondai Braxton, composer / musician

Uar Pölvästi, Percussion (NYC and Helsinki, Finland)

The Ugly Club

The U-Liners, Washington DC

The Van Allen Belt (Pittsburgh, PA)

Vapor Eyes, producer, mc, DJ, (Chicago, IL)

Vicki Randle, Singer, Songwriter, Percussion, Guitar / Tonight Show Band with Jay Leno 1992-2010

Victory and Associates (Oakland, CA)

Vince Meghrouni, saxophones, flute, harmonica, drums, The Atomic Sherpas, The Charmkin Rebellion, The DownBeats, Fatso Jetson, and HellBat!

Vin Novara, Alarms & Controls, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Violet Angell, Percussionist, Extra Action Marching (Oakland, CA)

The Very First Teenager

W. Christopher Nelson, The Scene Is Now, Escape by Ostrich

Wayne Hatchel, the Joe Ely Band

Wayne Marshall, DJ / wayneandwax / Beat Research / Brandeis University

Wayne VItale, performer (and past director) in Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Will Croxton, Reel to Reel Records, The Habit, The Royal Wylds, Driver X, Idle, DT & the Shakes

willem van spronsen, the Super8
William Torres, double bass player, Laura en Albanta (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
William Satek, Mines
Willard Morgan, Ideal Glass Atelier
Win Wallace, bass player, composer, Gorch Fock (Austin, TX)
Wind Aamot, Wind/Ól

Winston Apple, singer/songwriter (Independence, Missouri)

Wu Fei

Xabier Iriondo, Afterhours/Noguru

The Yehudim

Yoshi Fruchter, guitar player, composer, PITOM

Yuka Honda, co-founder of Cibo Matto, co-founder of Chimera Music

Zack de la Rocha, songwriter vocalist , Rage Against the Machine, One Day As a Lion

Zach Lewis, Disposable Thumbs

Zachariah G. Boyd, Guitarist, liveLIVE! Productions, SUNY Oneonta

Zachary Lehrhoff, Ex Models, Knyfe Hyts, the Seconds

Zeke Virant, Middle Georgia Opera Company, Triangle Goons

Zola Goodrich, Boyskout, MakeMe! and Bam!Bam!



5-track (Glass Goblins, Amanda Jo Williams, Cosmic Primitive Records)

Liu Bolin (Escondido por todo el Mundo)

Algunas veces dar un vistazo rápido a una fotografía, puede resultar poco confiable, para los que no acostumbran observar detenidamente , los múltiples trucos visuales que se pueden utilizar para engañar nuestros sentidos resultan muy ingeniosos.

En este sentido, la fabulosa obra del camaleónico artista chino, Liu Bolin, mejor conocido como “el maestro del camuflaje“ o “el hombre invisible“, reconocido por mimetizarse con su entorno, logra su cometido.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michel Gondry

“When people are very original, sometimes they are original as a way to resist the mainstream.”

“Sometimes it`s better to have less money (for budget) and more freedom“.
Michel Gondry

Una faceta poco conocida del talentoso director francés de cine , video y comerciales, Michel Gondry, es la de dibujante de comics, su primer novela gráfica “We lost the war but not the battle“ nos mostró sus dotes de artista gráfico que desde niño ha desarrollado.

Para su mas nuevo proyecto, un “film-book“, llamado “My New New York Diary“, con la ayuda de Julie Doucet, desarrolla un experimento muy interesante , un proyecto gráfico cinematográfico que incluye un dvd y un comic.Sin duda Michel Gondry no solo es un estupendo directo si no también un buen dibujante.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adiós Tomas Segovia...(1927-2011)

Tomás Segovia en Madrid. (1 mar 08) Foto: JB

"...El susurro del viento errante por la noche
que trae de los trasfondos la efusión solitaria
del tumulto callado de las cosas..."
Tomas Segovia

Hay que cerrar con llave la casa atareada
Al modo de quien deja encerrada su ropa
para entrar en el mar
Hay que venir sin nada
A mojarse el cabello en el silencio
A mirar todo esto pero dejarlo estar
Los árboles que instauran la lentitud del tiempo
Que luego rasgan con agudos picos
Los presurosos pájaros siempre asomados
Hay que no pedir nada
A tantos seres vivos cada uno en lo suyo
Como si hubieran de dejar bien claro
Que cumplen a conciencia su tarea
Como queriendo dar todas las pruebas
De una fidelidad meticulosa
No sabría decir para quién pues bien veo
Que para mí no es.

“Lluvia estival“

En la apartada noche ya sin nadie,
tibia, agitada, leve cae la lluvia,
sola para sí sola.

Íntima bailarina por la noche,
misteriosa, alocada,
gime allá, vuela, ahoga aquí una risa,
caprichosa musita, se interrumpe,
juguetona, inquietante,
viene y va, calla, desde lejos torna
con sonreídas lágrimas,
va a decir algo que en suspiro muere.

Y huyendo con susurros
y voces de sirena,
deja en el aire un mórbido perfume
de amor difunto en punzante recuerdo,

y en el alma el errático, incurable,
secreto amor de todas las derivas...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Day in America ...(DELUSION:Laurie Anderson , Bellas Artes 7/Nov/2011)

“They say you die three times,” goes one passage, “once when your heart stops, again when your body is buried or cremated, and then the last time someone says your name...”
Delusion (fragment, Laurie Anderson.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are“

Delusion:engaño,auto engaño,falsa opinión, creencia errónea...

Poesía audiovisual , la música como experiencia de vida, eso es DELUSION, espectáculo de Laurie Anderson lleno de historias humanas y filosóficas, que enfrentan al espectador como un espejo.

Hablar de Laurie Anderson es hablar de toda una leyenda e institución dentro de la escena artística de New York y que al paso del tiempo y con su unión con otra figura iconica como lo es Lou Reed (cosa que no le sumó nada a su magnifico trabajo artístico, solo lo complementó), ha sabido sufrir las metamorfosis pertinentes en su trabajo y lograr estremecer con sus presentaciones en vivo.

Una vez mas la suerte jugó de mi lado y de manera fortuita me encontré de frente en el espejo de “Delusion“, reflexionando sobre las magníficas historias que de voz de Anderson nos envolvieron durante mas de una hora en una vorágine de sentimientos encontrados, fabulosa experiencia.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

El Otro Yo (5/Nov/2011 , Multiforo Cultural Alicia)

Set List Foro Alicia

Corta el pasto
La tetona
Sexo en el Elevador
Yo te amo
No me importa morir
La Música
Hoy Aprendí
Me harté
La Ola
Despedida de arroz
Fuera del tiempo
Ola salvaje
Alma gemela
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1001 Images (Nick Zinner)&Toni FranÇois (Vice Gallery México DF)

Nick Zinner (guitarrista de los Yeah Yeah Yeah´s)

1001 fotos de Nick Zinner

Cedric Brixter

Iggy Pop

Fotos de Toni Francois

Las historias que puede contar un músico de rock , en la que las giras de su banda son por todo el mundo y duran varios meses, puede ser una experiencia realmente interesante.

Nick Zinner , guitarrista del grupo newyorkino , The Yeah Yeah Yeah´s , ha registrado con su cámara fotográfica , detalles que explican algunas de esas historias fantásticas de viajar y tocar por todo el mundo.

“1001 Images“ es la nueva exposición fotográfica de Zinner, quién cuenta ya con tres libros de foto,( uno de ellos con introducción escrita por Jim Jarmusch) , estará presentándose en la Vice Gallery , ubicada en la colonia Roma, en las calle de Mérida 109,

La habitaciones en los hoteles de la gira ,crean un mosaico de imagenes que evocan la experiencia de vida de un músico que suele ver los pequeños detalles dentro de los grandes eventos, escenas de conciertos, en las que los rostros del público se pierden en la multitud son solo algunas cosas que se pueden ver en la exposición.

A la par de está exposición , podemos encontrar el trabajo fotográfico de Toni Francois, quién es muy conocida en el ámbito de los conciertos en México y su trabajo no necesita mayor presentación que lo que se puede ver en su web page, ya que ha logrado captar momentos catárticos dentro de cientos de presentaciones en vivo de los mas diversos grupos y generos.