Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Iconoclasta #73...insolente...

Lou Reed

“My God is rock'n'roll.“
Lou Reed

“Rock & Roll“/The Velvet Underground/Loaded/Atlantic

“Legendary Hearts“/Lou Reed/Legendary Hearts/RCA

Improvisation/John Zorn,Laurie Anderson&Lou Reed/Live concert for Japan/

“I just Want to Make Love to You“/Willie Dixon/The Chess Box/Chess

“You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover“/Bo Diddley/His Greatest Sides, Volume 1/Chess

“I Wasn't Made for This World“/Thee Headcoats/Good Time are Killing Me/Vinyl Japan

“Hokus Pocus“/The Milkshakes/Still Talking 'Bout Milkshakes!/vinyl Japan

“Lovin Cup“/Oblivians/Desperation/In The Red Recordings

“Gimme Indie Rock“/Sebadoh/Gimme Indie Rock!/Homestead Records

“Love not“/Rudimentary Peni/Death Church/Corpus Christi

“Seance II“/Dj Hidden/Encloused/AD Noiseam

“Contractor Corpses Hung Over the Euphrates River“ /Vatican Shadow/Remember your Black Day/Hospital Productions

Lou Reed,Laurie Anderson,John Zorn

Willie Dixon

Bo Diddley

The Milkshakes
Billy Childish

Thee Headcoats



Dj Hidden

Vatican Shadow

Iconoclasta 73 from Hemingroove on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


“The news I feared the most, pales in comparison to the lump in my throat and the hollow in my stomach. Two kids have a chance meeting and 47 years later we fight and love the same way – losing either one is incomprehensible. No replacement value, no digital or virtual fill . . . broken now, for all time. Unlike so many with similar stories – we have the best of our fury laid out on vinyl, for the world to catch a glimpse. The laughs we shared just a few weeks ago, will forever remind me of all that was good between us.“

John Cale


To our neighbors:

What a beautiful fall! Everything shimmering and golden and all that incredible soft light. Water surrounding us.

Lou and I have spent a lot of time here in the past few years, and even though we’re city people this is our spiritual home.

Last week I promised Lou to get him out of the hospital and come home to Springs. And we made it!

Lou was a tai chi master and spent his last days here being happy and dazzled by the beauty and power and softness of nature. He died on Sunday morning looking at the trees and doing the famous 21 form of tai chi with just his musician hands moving through the air.

Lou was a prince and a fighter and I know his songs of the pain and beauty in the world will fill many people with the incredible joy he felt for life. Long live the beauty that comes down and through and onto all of us.

— Laurie Anderson
his loving wife and eternal friend

Adiós a uno de mis mas grandes héroes,  de la mejor banda de rock del mundo...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Iconoclasta #72...el último bastión...

Cecil Taylor

“Lo que los demás rechazan de ti, cultívalo, eso eres tú“
Jean Cocteau

“Bemsha Swing“ (T.Monk &Denzil Best)/Cecil Taylor /Jazz Advance/Transition

“Please to Meet You“/Bill Frisell/Gone Just Like a Train/Warner

“Ginger Blues“/Ginger Baker Trio/Going Back Home/Warner

“Bob´s Pink Cadillac“/William Parker Clarinet Trio/Bob´s Pink Cadillac/Eremite Records

“Bad Brother“ (How Ya Like My Wheeel Mix)/Bad Brothers (Ronny Jordan Meets D.J. Krush)/Island Records

“Wngs“/Knxwledge/Kawliflower/All City Records

“Psychobilly Freakout“/Reverend Horton Heat/Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em/Sub Pop

“Headhunter V 3.0“/Front 242/Front by Front/Red Rhino Europe

“Incubus Succubus“/X Mal Deutschland/Incubus Succubus/ZickZack

“Swim“/Nü Sensae/Sundowning/Suicide Squeeze

“We are the ones“/LSDemon/We are the ones/Volcom

Bill Frisell

Ginger Baker Trio

William Parker

Ronnie Jordan & Dj Krush


Reverend Horton Heat

Front 242

Nü Sensae


Monday, October 21, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Iconoclasta #71...en el camino...

Jack Kerouac

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.“
“Write in recollection and amazement for yourself.“
“My witness is the empty sky.“

Jack Kerouac

“Dance Franny Dance“/Floyd Dakil Combo/Dance, Franny, Dance & Look What You Have Gone And Done single 7“/Jester Records

“Tornado“/The Soul Surfers/Soul Surf &Tornado  single 7“/Fnr

“Soul Power“/The Soul Surfers/Soul Power&We Can do Some  single 7“ /Fnr

“Lunch Meat“/Samiyan/Wish you Were Here/Leaving Records

“Beggars“ (feat. Emily Wells)/Button Pusher (Kiran Shahani)/Button Pusher/Chrysalis

“The Way Winter Passed Us“/Sons of the Morning (Prefuse 73 & Teebs)/Speak Soon vol 1/ Yellow Year

“Hardon Blues“/Allen Ginsberg/First Blues/John Hammond Records

“Bowery Blues“/Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen/Poetry for the Beat Generation/Hanover

“Mama ´s little Rocket“ Little Richard cover/Zen Guerrilla/Mama ´s little Rocket single 5“/Allied Recordings

“Death Womb“/Death from Above 1979/Heads Up/Ache

“I´m Here“/Savages/Silence Yourself/Matador Records

“That's when I reach for my Revolver“/Mission of Burma/Catalog Sampler/Rykodisc

“Helen Forsdale“/Mars/No New York/Antilles

“Do The Icepick“/Primitive Calculators/Primitive Calculators/Slow Drama

(Prefuse 73&Teebs)
Sons of the Morning

Allen Ginsberg
Zen Guerrilla
Death From Above 1979


Mission of Burma


Primitive Calculators