Wednesday, January 30, 2013

iconoclasta#41...sonidos de insurrección

                                        Digital Primitives
                         (Cooper Moore,Chad Taylor,Assif Tsahar)

“I have taken stuff out a dumpster to make an instrument which I have used at gigs. If you put me somewhere, and I had to play and didn't have an instrument, I'd get everything I needed and make an instrument within a few hours“
Cooper Moore

“Shards of Pol Pottery“/Alec Empire & El-P/Shards of Pol Pottery /Digital Hardcore Recordings

“Turn it up“/Digital Primitives/Digital primitives/Hopscotch Records

“Walkabout“/ Digital Primitives/Hum crackle and pop/Hopscotch Records

“Before I Ever Loved You“/Cooper Moore/A Retrospective 1990-2010 set3/Free Musical Archive

“Abstract Horse Slow Motion“/Dustin Wong/Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads/Thrill Jockey

“Metamorphosis“/Ananda Shankar/Ananda Shankar/Rhino

“Cosmic Equinox“/Daniel Higgs/Magic Alphabet/Dischord Records

“Berlin“/Cul de Sac & Damo Susuki/  Abhayamudra/Strange Attractors Audio House

“Texas Keller“/Bohren & Der Club of Gore/Gore Motel/Epistrophy

“Sugar Cube“/Yo La Tengo /I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One/Matador

“The Masks“/Death/Spiritual Mental Physical /Drag City

“Black Garage Door“/ The Chrome Cranks/Ain't No Lies In Blood/Bang Records

“Get Down“/Acid Eater/Black Fuzz on Wheels/Time Bomb Records

“Galaxians“/Boris/Heavy Rocks/Daymare Recordings

“The Stars Behind“/Bardo Pond (live at the All Tomorrows Parties NY 2010)/Free Musical Archives

Daniel Higgs
Cul de Sac

Yo La Tengo


Acid Eater

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