Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iconoclasta#44...sonidos de inframundo

Amiri Baraka & Dj Spooky

“To Risk everything to express it all“
John Cassavetes 


“Dirty Old Bossanova“/Visioneers/Dirty Old Hip-Hop/

“Funk Box“/Visioneers/Dirty Old Hi-Hop/BBE

“Mr.Integrity“/L7/Bricks are Heavy/Reprise Records

“Can´t be Funky“/Bush Tetras/Rituals/Fetish Records

“I don´t care“/LSD &The Search for God/ LSD &The Search for God/Mind Expansion

“I Couldn´t Get off“/David Cronenberg's Wife/Bluebeard´s  Rooms/Blang

“Hanging Tree“ /Green River/Sub Pop 200/Sub Pop

“The Good and the Happy Army“/John Lurie/Stranger Than Paradise & The Resurrection Of Albert 
Ayer /Strange and Beautiful

“The Godfather Waltz“/Nino Rota/The Godfather/MCA

“Lightbulb Overkill“/ Tuxedomoon/Desire-No Tears/Crammed Discs

“Black DaDa Nihilismus“/Amiri Baraka+Dj Spooky/Off Beat a Red Hot Soundtrip/TVT

“Airfoll“ /Scanner/Sound for Spaces/Sub Rosa

“86“/Fora de Hora/Porto/

“The Return Of Ruebezahl“/Amon Düül/Yeti/Liberty

“Cock E.S.P.“/Hanatarash/Hanatarash 1/Alchemy Records

“1“/Fushitsusha/Patetique/P.S.F. Records

John Lurie


Bush Tetras

Green River


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