Wednesday, April 3, 2013


                                            Bikini Kill

“Art revolves around creating something that isn´t there“
Kathleen Hanna

Nos visitaron en cabina 2 Riot Grrrls (Claudia y Velia) esta fué su selección musical de chicas con actitud.


“I don´t give a ...“/Peaches/Father Fucker/Xl Recordings

“Rebel Girl“ /Bikini Kill /Pussy Whipped/Kill Rock Stars

“Wargasm“/L7/Bricks are Heavy/Slash

“Blow Dry“/Huggy Bear/Our Troubled Youth (Huggy Bear) / YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH (Bikini Kill) /Kill Rock Stars

“Citysong“/Lucious Jackson/Ingredients/Capitol

“Fashion Rules“/Chicks on Speed/Fashion Rules single/Chicks on Speed

“Jailbreak“/Gossip/That's Not What I Heard/Kill Rock Stars

“Ask the Angels“(Patti Smith cover)/Wild Flag/Live in Philladelphia/

“Kropotkin-vodka“/Pussy Riot/Kill The Sexiest/

“Dig Me Out“/Sleater Kinney/Dig Me out/Kill Rock Stars

“Shred A“/Le Tigre/Feminist Sweepstakes/Mr.Lady

“I´m so exited“/Le Tigre/The Island/Universal

Sleater Kinney

Pussy Riot

The Gossip

iconocladta 48 from Hemingroove on Vimeo.

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