Monday, July 15, 2013

Punk Rock Girl Paper Doll

How to Make a Paper Doll

So you want to make a paper doll. But you're not confident in your artistic talent, or your creativity. What if you just make a fool out of yourself? Well, never fear. Paper doll creation is easy with a little preparation, a little practice and a lot of fun!

This tutorial is for dolls about the size of a large sheet of paper, or smaller. The tools listed below will be needed by you whatever size you use; however, if you're aiming for a larger doll you'll need more paper and more cardboard. Keep that in mind.

You will need....

At least 10 (preferably > 20) sheets of white drawing paper
An Eraser
Colored pens and/or pencils
Flat cardboard, e.g. from a cereal box, OR
Thick/heavy construction paper
Graphite transfer paper
Fashion magazines, hairstyle magazines, full body photos, art anatomy reference books, other paper dolls (yes, you can cheat), and other pictures of people, taken straight on, from head to toe. If you're uncomfortable with nudity try to find a picture of somebody in their underwear.
Before you start...

Plan. How much time are you willing to devote to this? How much time do you have? Are you going to set up on the kitchen table, in the living room, in the office, or where? When are you going to clean up? Deal with logistical issues before you deal with anything else; otherwise you're likely to sabotage yourself.

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