Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte

"Life is not about finding our limitations, it's about finding our infinity."

Herbie Hancock

“I shall not be moved“/The Dirty Dozen Brass Band/Funeral For a Friend/Indieblue Music

“Dead Season“/Tin Hat Trio/The Sad Machinery of the Spring/Hannibal Records

“All Hell Broke Loose“/Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte/Come In Red Dog, This Is Tango Leader/Ropeadope Records

“Thats What We T“/Scratch/The Embodiment Of Instrumentation/Ropeadope Records

“I against I“/Massive Attack & Mos Def /I Against I /Melankolic

“Tagging and Bragging“/Sylk 130 (King Britt)/When The Funk Hits The Fan/Six Degrees Records

“Torture“/King Khan & The Shrines/The Supreme Genius Of/Vice Recordings

“I Know“/Beak>/Beak>/Ipecac Recordings

“Kalmukki“/Kimmo Pohjonen ‎/Kielo/Rockadillo Records

“I Used To Be Cool“/Koby Israelite/Dance of the Idiots/Tzadik

“Lets do six eight“/The Human Arts Ensemble/The Human Arts Ensemble live vol 1/Circle Records

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Tin Hat Trio


Mos Def
King Britt
King Khan


Kimmo Pohjonen

Koby Israelite

The Human Arts Ensemble

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