Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Iconoclasta#74...sonidos voodoo ...

Miles Davis

"Play what you know & then play above that."
Miles Davis

Exquisita selección musical de nuestro invitado de lujo Oscar Adad, gracias por compartir con nosotros su playlist

“Honky Tonk“/Miles Davis/Live Evil/Columbia

“Lies my body Told me“/Ceramic Dog/Your Turn/Yellowbird

“Probably Feeling Better Already“/Parts & Labor and Tyondai Braxton/Rise Rise Rise/Namack Records

“Disobey“/Echohce/Echohce/FM 4.5.1

“Mulberg“/Shogun Kunitoki/Vinonaamakasio/Fonal Records

“Ocean Drive (Schamane)“/Brand Bauer Frick Ensemble/Miami/!K7 Records

“Then Again“/Matthew Shipp/The Good and Evil Sessions/Thirsty Ear

“War Photographer“/Jason Forrest/Shamelessly Exciting/Sonig

“Process of Elimination“ (unedited)/The Endtables/The Endtables/Drag City

Ceramic Dog

Tyondai Braxton

Shogun Kunitoki

The brandt Brauer Frik Ensemble

Matthew Shipp

Jason Forrest

The Endtables

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