Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LANDSKATE. Art Collective Exhibition via http://stafmagazine.com

Introduction by C.R. Stecyk II: “Gravity rules the planet, or at the least provides its’ most intriguing aspects. If you’ve got an inclined plane you have energy to harness. The inherent power in assorted geometric forms and surfaces empowers skateboarding as an ascendant cultural force. The world’s paramount urban sport/art is freely accessible to everyone everywhere in the civilized sector of human achievement. It offers laissez faire appropriation of architectural masterpieces and forlorn abandoned civic structures alike. This free form appropriation/interpretation of public space inspires all. Make whatever you want whenever you want. Do it better, do it different. Roll on”.

Artists: Anthony Acosta. Ando. Lance Dawes. Chad Eaton Timber!. Austin England. John Fellows. Jeremy Fish. Glen E. Friedman. Brian Gaberman. Matt Gordon. J Grant Brittain. Jim Houser. Steve Harrington. Andy Howell. Michael Hsiung. Cody Hudson. Wes Humpston. Rich Jacobs. Andy Jenkins. Ian Johnson. Bryce Kanights. Tim Kerr. Barry McGee. Marc McKee. Dennis McNett. Gabe Morford. Pat Ngoho. Paco Nuñez. Jimbo Phillips. Sam Pierson. Pillo. Greg Pnut Gallinsky. Andrew Pommier. Russ Pope. Michael Sieben. Craig R. Stecyk III. Tod Swank. Winston Tseng. Mark Whiteley. Tobin Yelland….
LANDSKATE. Art Collective Exhibition from stafmagazine on Vimeo.

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