Monday, September 23, 2013

ZORN@60 celebrating 60 years of John Zorn in New York City

John Zorn, a true New York icon and one of the city’s most influential musicians, turns sixty this September. A composer, performer, arranger, producer, improvisor, impresario, and MacArthur Fellow, Zorn has explored a vast and impressive spectrum of genres — including jazz, rock, hardcore punk, classical, klezmer, popular, and improvised, among many others — over the past four decades. His hometown celebrates with a festival of Zorn@60 performances exploring his epic oeuvre, from the summer through the fall of 2013. Well over 100 musicians, many of them Zorn’s longtime collaborators and all of them hand-selected by the composer, will participate in the performances. Read the press release. These concerts are part of a global celebration of the composer’s 60th that includes events throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


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