Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Iconoclasta #78...combustiones electroacústicas...

Art Pepper

"Musicians have to suffer to a certain degree in order to obtain their outlet."
Chico Hamilton

"I am trying to play the natural feelings of a people."
Duke Ellington

“The Hit Song“/Dj Format/Music for The Mature B-Boy/Genuine

“Mean Gene“/Cut Chemist feat Edan/What´s The Altitude /The Stable Sound

“The Prisioner“/Captain Murphy/Duality/Roam

“For Mods Only“/Chico Hamilton/ The Dealer/ Impulse

“Mambo koyama“/Art Pepper/Today/Galaxy

“It´s like a Wheel“/Gary Lucas/Street of Lost Brothers/Tzadik

“The Tel Aviv Ghetto Fighters' Song“/Gary Lucas/Street of Lost Brothers/Tzadik

“She Said“ /Hasil Adkins/Out To Hunch/Norton Records

“Nag Nag Nag“/Cabaret Voltaire/Nag Nag Nag 7“ single/Rough Trade

“Gift of Noise“/Psyclones/Psyclones/Subterranean Records

“Terminal 4“/Remi Àlvarez trio (Arturo Báez,Gustavo Nandayapa) /Lafahmisi/Intolerancia

“What do You Know About Me?“/Blackhouse/Hope Like a Candle/RRRecords

Dj Format

Cut Chemist


Captain Murphy

RIP...Chico Hamilton

Gary Lucas

Hasil Adkins 

Cabaret Voltaire



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