Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Iconoclasta #79...apoyando la revuelta...

Calvin Weston

"Follow your passion & success will follow you." 
Arthur Buddhold

“Beeroth“/Masada/Masada live in Tonic 1999/Tzadik

“The Caller“/Jason Crowley, Calvin Weston & Tom Spiker/ Live impro in Philladelphia /

“Killing Time“/Moon Duo/Killing Time Ep/Sacred Bones Records

“Theme from the Iron Horse“/The Sound Defects/The Iron Horse/Tone Def Sistems

“Contort Yourself“/James Chance & The Contortions/Buy /Ze Records

“Sex Beat“/The Gun Club/Fire of Love/Ruby Records

“Booguie de la Muerte“/Guadalupe Plata/Guadalupe Plata/Sociedad Radiofónica Subterranea

“Exit“ /Killing Joke/What's THIS For...!/EG

“Levite“/Vladislav Delay/Vantaa/Raster Norton

“Old-Josh Quillen Remix “/So Percussion/Amid the Noise Remixes/

“Theme For a Brighter Future“/Omer Avital Quintet/Live at Smalls/Smallslive

“Enchanted Mirrot“/Luiz Bonfá/Introspection/RCA


Moon Duo

James Chance&The Contortions

The Gun Club

Guadalupe Plata

Killing Joke
Vladislav Delay
So Percussion

Omer Avital
Luiz Bonfa


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